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The original. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 Europe Traveller Set is the world's smallest and safest mobile charging station

The latest technology and the highest standards, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is easier, more efficient, safer and easier to use than any comparable mobile charger

With the JUICE BOOSTER 2 you can charge at any power connection at the maximum possible speed

Insert and charge without worrying about the ampere option. Thanks to automatic adapter detection, the current is immediately set correctly. Regardless of whether it is a normal household connection or a 400V industrial power supply, with the Juice Booster 2 you can always charge your electric vehicle optimally, both domestically and abroad.

The German Traveler Set of the Juice Booster 2 includes the following 8 safety adapters:

  • Household plug Schuko (CEE 7/7) (EU) , T13 (CH), Type G (GB), Type L (IT)
  • CEE16 red (3-phase, 16A) 
  • CEE16 blue (1-phase, 16A, also called camping plug) 
  • CEE32 red (3-phase, 32A)

and also

  • Carrying bag with velcro strips for easy attachment in the trunk 
  • Protective caps for all JUICE CONNECTOR plugs 
  • Manual, warranty certificate, various vouchers

This distinguishes the JUICE BOOSTER 2:

Easiest operation

Fit the appropriate adapter and go. With the JUICE BOOSTER 2, you can load correctly and quickly at every can in Europe.

Attractive Design

Handy, elegant, clear, timeless.

Active safety

100% CE compliant, special EV-FI protection AC and DC, temperature monitoring. Automatic adapter detection.

Passive safety

Fits under every car and does not stand out.


Unnecessary through one-piece design while charging.

Ideal adapter sets

inkl. 8 Adapter - s.o.

Optionally, various professional quality adapter sets are available which are optimally matched to the JUICE BOOSTER 2.


Weatherproof (rain, snow and dustproof), impact-resistant, drive-over.

Minimal loading times

charge up to 400V 32A (22kW).

Successfully tested

with the following vehicles: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, BMW i3, VW e-Golf, VW e-Up, Smart Electric Drive, Mercedes B 250 e, Renault Zoe *, and others.

*R240 and Q210 with loader update, which you can get for free at Renault

Technical specifications:


Diameter: 70mm 
Length: 225 mm
Weight 1.0 kg without cable
3.2 kg with cable and plug
Input current 230V 6 – 32A (1phase) 
400V 6 – 32A (3phase) AC
Output power

depending on the input current

1.4 – 22.0 kW AC

Degree of protection / FI / Safety

IP65 / RCD DC 6 mA, RCD AC/DC 30 mA /  Protective earth monitoring
Colour anthrazit metallic
Charging mode Mode 2 IEC 62752
Plug grid side Gummikappen / Kabel schwarz 
aktuell 12 selbsterkennende Adapter 
erhältlich, Zuleitung 1.4 m
Plug car side Type 2 (EN 62196) 
Cablelength 3.1 m

The new JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a product of Juice Technology AG in Switzerland.

Mehr Informationen
Art-Nr. 11184
Gewicht 6.0000
Brand Juice Booster
EAN Nein
Amperage 10 A / 2,3kW - 3,7 kW, 13 A / 3,7 kW, 16 A / 3,7 kW, 16 A / 11 kW, 20 A / 14 kW, 32 A / 7,4 kW, 32 A / 22 kW
Optionen FI (Personenschutz)

JUICE BOOSTER 2 Europe Traveller Set inkl. 8 Adapter | mobile charging station (Mode 2) | Type 2 | 32A 22kW 3-ph. | length 5,2 m

€1,425.00 ab €1,419.00
Inkl. 19% MwSt.
Lieferzeit ca. 2 - 5 Werktage